Children’s Futon Cover

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Finding the right children’s futon cover for your child’s bedroom or play room can be a tricky task, especially when there are hundreds of futon covers to browse through on Futons Etc. This blog is going to help you find the perfect children’s futon cover, as well as provide a few different futon covers that might be perfect for a child’s room.

Selecting Your Children’s Futon Cover

First, find out what color or colors you are trying to achieve and obtain in that room. You can use Futons Etc’s search feature to filter through different terms and keywords that you are interested in. After that browse through a few futon covers, and take a look and be sure to read the description and specifications. Since you may be looking for a futon cover that works in your child’s room, you may want to make sure that it is machine washable.

Once you have a few children’s futon cover options picked out, we suggest ordering swatches. Ordering swatches is a great way to look at the futon cover fabric before making the commitment to order, since many custom futon covers are non-returnable. Having a chance to feel and experience the fabric before making the order can prevent mis-matched colors in your home. You may call a customer care representative at 1-800-785-3416 to help you with ordering swatches of the futon covers you are interested in.

Now that you have the background information to find the perfect cover, here are some futon covers that feature fun and playful designs that are perfect for your child’s bedroom.

Bug a Boo Futon Cover

This children’s futon cover has a unique design with ladybugs pouncing around a checkerboard pattern, as if you were on a picnic. This Bug a Boo futon cover is perfect for a child’s room due to the playful nature of this futon cover.

Comrades Futon Cover

If you or your child are animal lovers, or are looking for a friendly feeling in your child’s bedroom, the Comrades futon cover is absolutely perfect. This machine-washable children’s futon cover consists of cotton and polyester is sure to be strong and versatile.

Blue Jeans Futon Cover

The Blue Jeans futon cover is great children’s futon cover as it features a repeating pattern of a blue jean pocket with a red bandana hanging out. Your child will love this futon cover and friends will be envious.

Ringo Futon Cover

This children’s futon cover has a funky pattern of oblong bubbles in blues and greens. The Ringo futon cover is 100% cotton and is dry clean only.

Children’s Futon Covers

These were just a few of the children’s futon covers that are available at Futons Etc. Of course there are hundreds of futon covers to browse through that you and your child may enjoy. Just don’t forget to read the descriptions and to find out whether the children’s futon cover is machine washable or dry clean only. You can always contact a customer care representative if you need more help regarding any questions to get the best children’s futon cover.

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