Complete Futons

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Complete Futons

Looking and researching complete futons can be difficult task. There are hundreds of futon frame, mattress and cover manufacturers in America, making the possibilities endless.

For every futon frame on Futons Etc. there is a complementing complete futon set that provides the frame, mattress and free cover into one set. This makes it really easy to get the exact complete futon set that you’re looking for.

Futons Etc. makes the process even easier, providing all the necessary selections on one web page. But here is a step-by-step procedure in selecting the right complete futon for you.

Choosing Your Complete Futon Frame

The first step in choosing your complete futon is to find the right frame. If you haven’t noticed, there are nearly 100 frames available from a wide selection of the best futon frame manufacturers in America. Choose the style that fits your home best and then select the size and the wood finish and you’re set!

Some complete futons also have special accessories available such as matching drawers, coffee tables, or even end tables.

Choosing the Futon Mattress for your Complete Futon

Complete Futons - Free Cover Collections

Futons Etc. features nearly 15 different mattresses for your complete futon set. However, only a few are available in our complete sets. The entry-level, Standard mattress is roughly 3 to 4 inches thick and is not recommended for daily use.

You can upgrade to a variety of mattresses that fit your budget or comfort level. One of the most popular mattresses is the Moonshadow futon mattress due to its unique foam layers that make it plush and supportive.

Choose a Free Cover With Your Complete Futon

Complete Futons - Mattress Selection

Now that you have chosen your frame and mattress for your complete futon, Futons Etc also provides a free futon cover. Don’t expect to receive the cover that you see on the image of the futon frame, only 15 solid colored futon covers available to choose from. These are basic, cotton twill futon covers that are washable, making them perfect for children.

With their complete futon, some customers end up picking their free futon cover and then purchasing a custom futon cover that has a design or a different material. This way when the futon is in the sofa position, the more elegant, custom cover will offer a sofa appearance, then put on the free washable cover when guest come to spend the night.

Free Shipping with Complete Futons

Any of the complete futons that you choose ship for free to your curbside. Since many of the manufacturers of a complete futon set may be located in different parts of the country, it is not uncommon for the frame, mattress, and cover to arrive at different days, sometimes up to a week a part. If you need more information regarding shipping options, Contact Customer Care to discuss your particular needs.

Now that you know more about the complete futons on Futons Etc., you can order with confidence.

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