Strata Futon Frame Wall-Hugger Operation

Strata Furniture is one of the only futon frame manufacturers that feature the patented ‘wall-hugger’ futon frame. Customers absolutely love Strata futon frames for this wall-hugger operation, and the unique, luxury appeal of their futon frame collections.

Wall-Hugger Futon Frame Definition

For those who are unsure of what a wall-hugger is, let me explain:

Most futon frames can easily be converted from sofa to bed position by simply lifting the futon frame up and pulling forward. Then to convert from bed to sofa position, you would have to maneuver behind the futon frame and lift the back deck up. To make more room when the futon frame is in sofa position, you can move your futon frame closer to the wall, then move it forward to make sure that there is enough room to convert into the bed position.

A Strata wall-hugger futon frame allows you to place the futon frame right next to the wall and convert from sofa to bed, and back, without moving the futon frame. This also prevents scratches on your walls, or ruining your flooring when sliding the futon frame back and forth.

Strata’s Carriage Futon Frame Collection and Signature Futon Frame Collection

Strata Furniture offers two unique futon frame collections, The Carriage Collection and The Signature Collection. Both futon frame collections offer the same wall-hugger operation, but with completely different designs for different purposes.

Carriage Futon Frame Collection

The Carriage Collection features an open back, just like any other futon frame on the market. If you looked at the back of the futon frame you can see the components, hardware and operating mechanism. Customers love to put Strata futon frames from the Carriage Collection right up against their walls.

Strata's Adriana Futon Frame with a Finished Back

Signature Futon Frame Collection

The Signature Collection is Strata’s top of the line collection, as these have what we call a ‘finished back’. This finished back hides all the components and hardware and still operates as a wall-hugger. Customers love futon frames in this collection because they can place this futon frame in the center of their living room and not have unsightly mechanisms in plain sight.

Correct Assembly of your Wall-Hugger Futon Frame

Correct Foot Position on a Strata wall-hugger futon frame
In order for the futon frame to convert correctly, you must make sure that the feet touch and connect with the back deck. This allows you to the pull the back deck toward you using the strap, and the seat deck should roll easily and smoothly into sofa position.

Correct Operation of a wall-hugger futon frame

Incorrect assembly can lead to damaging your futon frame. Double check all connections, make sure that assembly points are tight, but not too tight. Try wiggling the futon frame a little bit, if you see it wiggle too much, something is not tight enough.

Strata's Dillon Futon Frame

Wall-Hugger Futon Frame Operation

I recently had a chance to assemble the Dillon futon frame and operate it for the first time. Assembly was simple and the operation was easy and I certainly saw the innovation behind this unique futon frame. Each Strata futon frame comes with a strap that is secured to the back deck.

Converting your Strata futon frame from sofa to bed position is just as simple as any other futon frame. Simply lift up the seat deck and pull forward. Converting from bed to sofa is a different story. All you have to do is lift up the seat deck, hold it with your hip and pull the strap forward and your Strata futon frame is ready to be used for sitting.

Futons Etc. offers the entire line of Strata Wall-Hugger Futon Frames, where you can order the futon frames separately or in a complete package.

You may also visit Strata Furniture’s website directly to learn more about Strata Wall-hugger Futon Frames

Futon Assembly Tips

August 5, 2008 Futon 101, Futon Assembly and Maintenance, Futon Frames — Nate Kharrl

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