Fixing and Replacing Futon Frame Parts

September 30, 2008 Futon Frames — aaron

Futon frames unfortunately may brake after several years of use. Converting your futon from bed to sofa often does indeed put some pressure on the assembly points, and certain pieces of hardware may fail or break.

If the body of your futon breaks, it may be more difficult to fix. Get in touch with the retailer to see if your frame is still covered under warranty. Be prepared to take digital pictures. Certain parts of a futon are more difficult to replace than others. If it is hardware that broke on your futon frame, there may be blue skies ahead for you. Futons Etc. offers many futon parts to fix your futon frame and get it back into shape.

But not all futon parts available on our website will work perfectly with your futon frame. Futons Etc. offers futon parts that work with the products that we sell. Measure the part you are intending to replace carefully and read the product description and dimensions. This way you can be sure that you have matching hardware and you understand how to care and operate your futon parts.

Generally, if you plan on replacing a glide, roller or hinge, it is suggested that you purchase a pair and replace both sides. Operating a futon that uses different hardware could further damage your futon frame.

Certain futon hinges can be relatively expensive to replace, however the cost of replacing futon hinges is far less than having to replace an entire futon frame.

If you need help replacing a part on your futon, take a picture of the broken part(s) and contact a customer care representative. They may ask for you to send a digital picture to get a better visual on what you need and what is necessary to get your futon up and running again.

You can prevent damages by checking on the operation of your futon frame once a month. Wiggling the frame, and tightening bolts and screws on a regular basis can help prevent damages.

Visit our futon parts page to check out all the futon parts we offer

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