Finding the Right Hardware for your Futon Frame

June 26, 2008 Uncategorized — Nate Kharrl

Futon hardware can be hard to find in a pinch. Often times, a barrel nut, bolt, or futon glide will be missing for various reasons. Don’t despair; has all of the pieces you need to get your futon frame back to showroom state.

What Futon Hardware is Right for Me?

Many of our customers have inherited a futon frame from a friend or relative that is missing certain parts, or have lost them in a move. Because futon parts are manufacturer specific, finding the right ones for you can be a real hassle. Use this checklist to try and narrow down which parts you may need:

What parts do all metal futon frames, metal decked futon frames with wood arms, and all wood futon frames use?

  • Metal frames will typically be missing bolts, washers, and spring-loaded hinges. Bolts and washers are available at your local hardware store. The size and thread will probably be metric, so specialty dealers like ACE hardware may be a better choice than a general home improvement store. The spring-loaded hinges are available at
  • All wood frames will use bolts and barrel nuts to stay together, and a variety of glide options to operate. The glides, either one sided, double sided, or oval, are generally made of plastic and bolt into the seat and back decks. Double sided rollers fit into a recess in the decks and the operation groove, while single sided and oblong rollers bolt into barrel nuts in the decks and glide along the grooves.
  • Hybrid frames will use a combination of the items listed above, usually bolt and barrel nut combinations with spring loaded hinges

The arms of my futon frame coming loose, even after tightening the bolts:
The futon hardware you need is a combination of bolt and barrel nuts. The ones you have are probably stripped from overtightening. Remember to replace these on the entire frame at once, as uneven load bearing will cause additional stress to your futon hardware.

The seat deck of my wood futon frame is rubbing against the cross rails:
You’re probably missing a metal striker plate. Unfortunately, this is not an easily sourced part, as each frame and each manufacturer uses a different thickness and width. Unless you know the specific manufacturer of the frame, it is unlikely that you will be able to find the original part. Clever use of Simpson Strong Ties may be the solution to the really tough cases.

My seat deck keeps falling out of the arms and onto the floor:
You probably need new glides, be it double sided rollers, single sided rollers, or oblong glides. Try taking your frame apart, I’m sure you will find a cracked roller or bent glide bolt.

My futon keeps slipping back into the bed position:
Your futon bumpers are probably heavily worn or missing. Try laying on the floor and looking at the bottom of your seat deck to determine if any are missing or need replacing.

This primer should hopefully cover most of your futon hardware questions. Tune in again for more Futon 101!

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