Buying a Futon: Why the Mattress is More Important than the Frame

January 20, 2008 Futon Mattress — gabe

Unless you’re buying a complete futon set, you’ll be making some important decisions on the type of mattress to complement your futon frame. However, many people tend to focus on the futon frame because of its aesthetic importance and overall ‘feel’ during the selection process, and while this does play an important role in the comfort and look of your furniture, the mattress plays an even more important role.

Choosing the right futon mattress can take time, and it is no different than choosing the perfect mattress for your bedroom set. Since the futon will likely be used for sleeping and sitting, you need to find something that will be comfortable for both positions in the long-term. Investing in a high quality futon mattress can improve your futon experience considerably and you need to factor in how it will support your weight, your posture, and also give you a good night’s rest when needed.

If you’re buying a futon mattress that will primarily be used as a couch, you will need a firm yet flexible mattress. These are generally made with a foam core, and few inner coils since they do not need to support you while sleeping. The Freshman Futon Cushion is a resilient and simple mattress that features two layers of cotton-polyester filling and offers firm cushioning and support.

If you’re choosing a futon mattress that will be used as a coach and a bed, you will need something more flexible. An innerspring mattress is the best choice for this purpose, as it is flexible enough to fold up and store between uses, and will withstand the constant change and folding without losing firmness. A great example of a quality futon mattress for this purpose is the Otis Moonshadow Futon Cushion. It is build with high grade 2.0 density foam that’s wrapped in polyester, giving it a super-plush feel for sleeping on, that’s also comfortable to sit on when the futon is turned into a couch.

When choosing a futon mattress that will primarily be used for sleeping, you will need to focus on comfort and how the mattress may affect your posture. Well-known bedroom mattress manufacturers such as Sealy and Simmons also make specialty futon mattresses that can be a good match for this purpose. These mattresses are designed with dual or triple layers that alternate spring coils and foam, and can provide the extra support you need for a good night’s rest. Still, one of the best futon mattresses for quality sleep is the Fusion Velotec Futon Mattress. This mattress features a high-density foam core with a special polyester shielding for extra support. It also comes with a 16-year manufacturer’s limited guarantee to provide you with years of superior comfort.

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