Queen Size Futons Offer Versatility and Comfort

December 16, 2007 Futon Sets, Futons — gabe

Many people don’t fully understand the difference between queen futons and full size or love seat styles. While the size difference is obvious, there are a few more benefits of choosing a queen size futon. Queen size futons offer more length and width than the standard style, and can easily accommodate up to two people. They’re also perfect for taller people, and are a much better choice for teenagers and college students who can quickly outgrow the standard twin.

Queen Size Futons for Maximizing Your Space
Queen size futons are designed with simple construction and are most commonly found in a wood frame style. They’re easy to disassemble and reassemble, and so are perfect for on-the-go students and people who are frequently relocating. Queen futons are also space-efficient; when you’re trying to decorate a small guest bedroom or living area, a queen mattress can be just large enough to accommodate for sleeping and relaxation, but small enough to fit into a small space. If you choose a heavy-duty coil mattress, the queen futon can also be used as the main bed.Â

Queen Size Futons for Easy Setup
Since a queen mattress is heavier than the standard twin, queen size futons are designed with a simple front load operation. This makes it easy to set up the cushions for a platform bed or sofa—all in a few simple steps.  Queen size mattresses can also be folded up and stored easily. If you decide not to display your futon and only use it when you have company over, the frame is lightweight enough to move with just one or two people, and the mattress can be unrolled and setup within minutes.

Queen Size Futons for Style and Comfort
Almost all queen size bedding and accessories can be used to accent your queen sized futon, so you can add a stylish touch to your living space without buying specialty items. Queen size futons are also simple to turn into sofa lookalikes; just add a full-length slipcover and a few decorative pillows, and you can instantly transform your futon into a standard piece of living room furniture.

Queen size futons are a great choice for almost any-sized room, and come with extra benefits beyond the basic twin. They’re ideal for tall people, couples, and anyone who desires some extra sleeping space.


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