Fuji Futon Frame

November 11, 2007 Uncategorized — gabe

Fuji Futon Popularity

The Fuji has moved into first place this week as our most popular futon frame. For those looking for an Asian style futon frame, the fuji has become model of choice. With its subtle curved arms and deep Java color, it is easy to see why it is we futon shoppers flock to it.

Fuji Features

The Fuji includes a recline position which will allow you to tilt the back to a more relaxed angle. The Fuji futon frame also sports an easy-to-take-down design. With its common bolt & barrel nut assembly and steel “L-pins” you will find the Fuji an extremely easy futon frame to move.

fuji futon frame

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Night and Day Futons

November 10, 2007 Uncategorized — gabe

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