Rembrandt Futon Frame from Futon Place

August 30, 2007 Uncategorized — gabe

The Rembrandt futon frame is a style that has been with us for a quite a while and still continues to be popular. Most revered for its appearance in mahogany, the Rembrandt from Futon Place still attracts buyers who are looking for the light beechwood or medium oak finishes.

The Rembrandt futon frame includes certain reinforcements not found on other futon brands. For example, the Rembrandt has a unique end cap reinforcement that adds rigidity while aiding in the front load upright operation.

The front load operation the Rembrandt offers, allows you to easily transform your futon from a sofa to a bed and back again with relative ease. This is a big asset to those with limited upper body strength and those who will be converting their futons more frequently than once a month.

Other fine features Futon Place has included with the Rembrandt futon frame include a recline position, a no-lock bed position and the ability to add rolling drawers beneath the frame. These drawers can be used to hold extra linen and other items when space is a premium.

All in all, the Rembrandt is a terrific buy and is guaranteed to bring you happiness and satisfaction. Learn more about your Rembrandt futon frame by clicking here now.

Rembrandt futon frame in beechwood

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